Trusted Binary Options Brokers Reviews

Binary options brokers reviews can be a real lifesaver especially if you wonder how to trade binary options for beginners.

You're probably aware that there are hundreds of brokers online and some pray on newbie traders.

How to pick the right and trusted binary options broker?

Or at least find an honest broker that pays out and process withdrawals fast.

With jump in popularity of binary options industry, this unfortunately attracted also scam brokers.

Typically scam binary options brokers have NO licence, call you daily to deposit money, promise unrealistic profits...

And once you win money they STOP replying, STOP answering your calls and probably even block your trading account.

How can a beginner in trading binary options separate good brokers from the bad ones?

  1. You can either try to trade with a lot of them hoping they won't steal your money...
  2. Or you can read trusted binary options brokers reviews on websites like

With Twitter account @HowOptions having thousands of followers, we value our integrity and only recommend solid & honest brokers.

How To Pick Options Broker For YOU

We know it's hard to pick financial markets broker that fits your trading style. This is why we made the following list for you to decide what fits your trading style and personality.

If all you care is to trade forex spot markets, then all you want is a forex broker. Huge liquidity and ability to set limit order that triggers at exact entry price and set stop loss & trade profit limit.

CFD brokers are gaining popularity lately since they provide exactly what traders want - to make money trading price change. Since you don't own any asset, you pay less fee and the only fee you pay is a spread between buy and sell price. Rest is pretty much same as trading with forex broker.

And then we have our favourite type of a broker which is an options broker.

Now, maybe you'll think first on binary options brokers and many bad things associated with some of them.

We won't lie to you - yes, some brokers can be bad. But this doesn't mean there aren't good binary options brokers.

It depends on financial regulator giving options broker a licence to operate in certain countries and of course reputation of each broker.

And now there are more forex & cfd brokers that give their clients ability to trade binary options -  so no need to fear for your money.

Let's take a look below which brokers made on our trusted list of brokers.

Trusted Binary Options Brokers Reviews

Below is list of recommended binary options brokers.

Observe the latest trend of forex & cfd brokers also offering binary options trading.

Trusted Binary Options Brokers

Top Binary Options Broker

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